We create heirloom homes that establish traditions. We design and build luxurious, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient beach homes along the wide beaches of the Gulf of Mexico in Port Aransas - Mustang Island, Texas.

Luxurious Beach Homes on Mustang Island, Texas

environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient

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The SURF Coastal Home team brings decades of homebuilding expertise and our team members have been named “Best Green Builder in the Nation” 6 times by the NAHB, so we are uniquely equipped to build you a luxurious, heirloom beach home that brings generations together. When your children and grandchildren someday reflect back upon their childhoods, we want them to recall halcyon days in their SURF Coastal Home.

we’ve worked hard for the honor of building you one!

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-Jodi Peters

“Cinnamon Shore is thrilled to partner with SURF Coastal Homes - they're a natural fit for Cinnamon Shore.”

Cinnamon Shore Realty

dibello architects, CEO

-Dale Dibello

“We're delighted to be working with SURF Coastal Homes because of their passion for creating heirloom quality beach homes.”


Own a piece of the beautiful Texas Coast while you still can. Ready to invest in a tradition for your family?

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Plans, architectural reviews, color palettes galore…we know it can all be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re building from another city! Exhale. We have stunning homes already in process and most will reduce the amount of time you'll need to wait for completion. 

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