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We planned 6 iconic crisp white cottages with copper nautical lanterns to welcome you to Cinnamon Shore South. We believe your arrival should make you and your guests giddy…your escape from everyday life has begun!

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The Escape Cottages at Cinnamon Shore South

When designing the heirloom Escape Cottages, our goal was carefree luxury: a natural, comfortable flow between the stunning Gulf Coast outdoors and your soothing, airy, fresh beach house interiors.

SURF’s Escape Cottages deliver this through curated color palettes inspired by the waters, dunes, palms and sunsets of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll also notice coast-worthy, hearty building materials and timeless, stunning, functional architectural design choices. Each Escape Cottage is Energy Star (tm) certified which translates into lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality and reduced noise.

Our Goals

a natural, comfortable flow between the stunning Gulf Coast outdoors and your soothing, airy, fresh beach house interiors

Interiors are designed to accommodate and inspire multiple generations of families or friends, with architectural details such as clerestory windows, gourmet kitchens, light-flooded living spaces, luxury bedrooms, irresistible bunk areas, and even crafting your master bathroom with a soaking tub. Our environmentally-sensitive building practices are gentler on our beloved coastal ecosystem and deliver superior indoor air quality and lower utility bills. From the inside out, the Escape Cottages are designed to capture your heart from the moment you arrive at South. Contact us today for additional details.

We know what makes living at the beach magical and relaxing and we’ve built it into this exclusive collection of cottages:

Breezy porches and balconies, outdoor sitting areas, lawns and even the bocce court give these cottages a sense of place and will create years of indoor-outdoor memories.

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You enjoy a plethora of options when it comes to financing a vacation home: SURF offers expertise in this area. We understand that some beach house owners will utilize their homes for family only, while other owners will participate in Cinnamon Shore’s dynamic vacation rental program.

Our decades of experience and knowledge in the construction world mean we can connect you with trusted lenders who will help you secure the most competitive financing decision for your particular situation. 


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Mustang Island is famous for its sand dunes. Our dunes are a critical element of the island’s ecology. At SURF, our team has spent decades using building science to learn and create a system of building that not only provides superior indoor air quality and comfort, but also delivers reduced utility bills and is gentler on the environment than standard building. Protecting the dunes, waters and wildlife of the Texas Coast is critical to our mission.

Benefits Both You and the Environment

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